One of the top realtors in Nanaimo, Jay Deleskie has planted down roots at 460 Realty Inc. When looking for a solid organisation to represent his valued clients he choose 460 Realty Inc due to their extensive capacities to handle the complex transactions he was accustomed to. With service capabilities to handle residential, commercial, industrial, development, leasing & project design and marketing the choice was easy to align with 460 Realty Inc.

Why choose to work with me?

Having successfully navigated recessions, all while investing heavily in the market I was servicing, my clients soon realised I can be their partner in their financial life goals. My greatest asset is my ability to predict market patterns knowing when to enter and exit investments and the necessary steps it takes to assure risk mitigation in investing.

Real estate has been my foundation for creating a successful retirement plan for myself and countless others that like me are not in the market for a pension. I have been and continue to create my own and others pensions through precise real estate investing in any market at anytime. 

Knowing that real estate is one of the single greatest keys to financial independence, I have spent the better part of my adult life educating myself in this field. Real estate is my livelihood, its my passion and it's what motivates me. When it comes to real estate in Central Vancouver Island and more specifically Nanaimo, I have spent years studying the unique market conditions of Vancouver Island and specifically the intricacies within the city of Nanaimo and Regional District of Nanaimo. The areas of focus for me have been population growth (5 W's), overall development potential, existing infrastructure conditions and future planned infrastructure developments, recreational amenities, education & social structure. Now these topics may seem to be boring on the surface, but if you have the patience to follow them you will have a way to make calculated investments that will pay you dividends well beyond your years.

What are you looking for in a real estate agent? 

The following are some of the reasons my clients have enjoyed working with me,

1) I work in this industry FULL-TIME--- that's very important to know.

2) Someone willing to put in extra work to get the job done.

3) Market knowledge:  I have been relied on by many media outlets for market conditions throughout my career.

4) Being creative: I am able to think outside the box to get your story across to the other side (be it a seller or a buyer)

5) Tech Savvy: In this day and age you need to be tech savvy, and I have been always an early adopter & innovator.

6) Team player: being able to work well with associates is very important in negotiations.

7) Resourceful: having a complete design and marketing company within our company is paramount.

I hope that I am able to be of service to you and look forward to an opportunity to be of service,

Jay Deleskie PREC*


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